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We match outstanding developers that work remotely with teams across the world to build amazing products.

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How we work has changed

Our office is where our laptop is, and our tools live on the Internet. We speak to our team every day, chat, work on code, track our progress and have our meetings online. We develop enduring professional relationships and grow our reputation together.

Skills we value:

Our estimates are realistic and reliable; we update and disseminate them.


We’re easily reachable and quick to fix issues. We help each other.

Asking questions

We make sure specs are well thought out and edge cases are covered.


We track our work & we make sure everyone knows our progress & blockers.

Work itself has changed

We are evolving

Package managers, open source software and cloud services have enabled growing our velocity and reliability.

Researching and designing the best architecture, then continuously improving it is a crucial part of modern software development.

We understand both global and local scope, test and document our code and work together to find the best ways to reach our goals.

We’re on top of things.

Projects that drive us

Leverage our unique strengths - our experience accelerates these projects 10x.

Push our limits and knowledge - they open up access to new industries or practices.

Expand our development skills - they use modern tools and new libraries.

Better the world - they create things that people love, things impactful to society.

How we find work needs to change

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Tell us a bit about yourself:
We’re creating a

That has no tediously flawed screening processes.
We test real life skills - our code is our CV and our personality is our best asset.

Without low quality, one-off jobs.
Our focus is on creating full-time teams, working mid and long term with companies across the world.

That pays top dollar for top talent.
We don’t encourage a race to the bottom line; rather, our focus is the quality of our work.

Based on merit.
If performance is low or there’s no chemistry, we’re quick to remove a developer from the team, and find him another that’s better suited.

Offers support and mentorship. Teams are always internally overlooked by our seniors and mentors, so there’s always someone to bounce ideas off.

Encourages professional growth.
We actively seek out companies that solve big problems in technologically challenging ways, pushing us to grow.

Enforces responsibility and quality.
We own our choices and our work.